Find yourself…among friends at Camp Amy for Adult Survivors

Camp Amy
Camp Amy

Welcome to Camp Amy! Get ready for five transformative days of hope, discovery and empowerment. At Camp Amy, you’ll meet women much like yourself – courageous, capable, and confident – yet still struggling with the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Camp Amy is for women who are ready to move forward, ready to overcome, and ready to replace surviving with thriving.

Some may ask, “Camp? For women? Why not a posh retreat?” The answer is simple: Because it works. As a survivor of CSA, you’ve been deprived of the innate innocence of youth. In a natural and peaceful setting, you’ll enjoy the excitement of traditional camp activities like kayaking, biking, ropes course and camp fires. Each will initiate the playfulness and freedom vital to overcoming childhood trauma.

In addition, you’ll focus on art therapy, music therapy, spoken word poetry, yoga, mindfulness, process groups and other therapeutic models. You’ll learn the necessary skills to help you become aware and connect with your feelings, as well as embracing the importance of mind/body connection.

But perhaps most important, you’ll discover the healing power of community. You’ll make new friends, share similar experiences, and find hope as you realize that you’re not alone. We at Camp Amy are here to cheer you on as you learn to put the past behind you!

*Camp Amy is modeled after Camp Cadi which was created by Safe Girls Strong Girls founder, Amy Barth.